Thank you!

We are very grateful to you for supporting us.  The link for the youtube live concert will be on the concerts page on the day (Sat 27th Feb at 7.30pm)

Please keep in touch.

Monthly Gatherings

In this time of uncertainty and with live events not yet possible, we wanted to do something a little different.  As performers and musicians we enjoy sharing not only the music but our thoughts around it.  We are planning a monthly online gathering where we take a theme and play some music and chat around it from our homes, including the opportunity for live interaction, Q&A and discussion with our audience.

31st May 2019

I thought the playing was outstanding. The Haydn captured the audience: precise, shaped, elegant and light on its feet.  The Butterworth was a lovely contrast and the Beethoven….!! It went down a storm because your performance had such integrity [and staying power!]

Keith Dawson

Sidbury Music Society